Online Naturopathic Consultation

Gain a deep understanding of your condition and get practical solutions that you can start using right away.  

Many of us feel we didn't get enough time with our doctor to get things thoroughly explained to us. We'd like to know how it came to be that we have an illness and if there's anything else we can be doing to improve our situation besides adhering to the recommended drug or surgery regimen. 

Get clear explanations about your condition, its causes and how you can stop it progressing. Find out exactly what you can do to improve your symptoms.

Your condition may even be reversible.  


Begin your path to recovery today!

Cost:  €80 / 1 hr  on Skype / Zoom / FaceTime

Get clear explanations about your health condition


If you have received a medical diagnosis, you can discuss your options with a biological scientist and naturopathic practitioner.


Diet alterations with particular foods to include and avoid, also advice on how to find out if you have allergies or intolerances.


Effective supplementation using the most appropriate herbal medicines, probiotics, natural nutrition supplements or home remedies that will work for you.


Detoxification, exercise or relaxation techniques that are powerful and appropriate to you and your condition.

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