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Dynamic Acupuncture

How do doctors measure your general health? A standard medical way of measuring your general health is by looking at your "heart rate variability", HRV. If you have high variability in the beating patterns of your heart, that's good! It shows good integration and communication between your heart and nervous system. In lifestyle diseases like burnout syndrome, heart disease, diabetes or during the natural aging process, your HRV decreases and that's not good. Acupuncture is so reliable at increasing your HRV that researchers have come up with a new parameter for measuring the direct effects of an acupuncture treatment. It's called the dynamic acupuncture treatment score (DATS). It uses changes in both heart rate and heart rate variability to quantify how much the treatment has effected you.

Chronic Fatigue

Many of my patients come to me for help with tiredness/fatigue and the results speak for themselves. I myself have been transformed and continue to avail of the energy restoring effects of acupuncture if I need it. It's so easy and so effective. Here is an excellent study that has been published in Nature Journal, arguably the most respected scientific journal out there, on the successful effect of acupuncture, and the related therapy moxibustion, on chronic fatigue syndrome. Even the most extreme, clinical cases of fatigue are shown to greatly improve with just acupuncture alone. The effect is long-lasting.


The deep meditative state reached during acupuncture treatment has to do with the simultaneous redirecting of neural activity to target brain areas, along with large-scale inhibition in other areas. If you are anxious, stressed, depressed or all of the above, the acupuncture effect is truly sublime. This brain imaging study review shows how acupuncture makes you feel more connected to yourself, your body and the world around you by increasing connections within and between brain networks.


Not being able to get to sleep, tossing and turning or waking up during the night results in exhaustion, anxiety, confusion and poor mental and physical performance in daily life. This study published recently shows how acupuncture can change electrical signalling in the whole brain to bring on a state of sedation and peace. "Within 10 sec of acupuncture treatment, rats in the GV20 group fell into sleep instantly, breathing stably". Get in touch with me and see how it works for yourself.

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